SCF is not meant to sustain projects in the long-term and is only intended to boost the Project’s preliminary development. Participants whose Projects did not pass the initial review phase can resubmit their Project once to any subsequent SCF round within the applicable submission period and need to have significantly improved based on the Submission Eligibility Guidelines (and comments received from reviewers on the selection panel, if applicable).

If the first resubmission was unsuccessful, Participants will not be able to submit again for three (3) months (counting from the last submission deadline).

Participants whose Projects received an SCF Award can resubmit their Project to a subsequent SCF round as long as they:

  • Show completion of all deliverables defined in their previous Project submission, or if those deliverables needed to be altered for a legitimate reason, have made sufficient progress against the deliverables, as revised;

  • Don't exceed the annual maximum SCF Award amount of an aggregate of $600K worth of XLM for developers, developer Teams, or Organizations building on Stellar or Soroban, or an aggregate of $120K worth of XLM for community and education Organizations;

SCF Award recipients can submit another Project (not connected to any prior Projects) to an SCF Round as long as they have met the two requirements mentioned above, and have a valid reason why they no longer need funding for any previously submitted Projects.

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