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This handbook is a source of truth document for the Stellar Community Fund (SCF). Additional resources and community engagement opportunities:

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  • SCF Awards— fast-paced, open-application awards ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 worth of XLM* decided by community vote to boost development for startups and developer projects built on Soroban and Stellar.

  • Community involvement—the Stellar community is heavily involved in all that SCF undertakes, including voting for which projects deserve awards, structure decisions, giving feedback and advice to projects, and more.

🌱 | New to SCF?

Check out communityfund.stellar.org for a high-level overview and learn how the fund has evolved over the years.

Need more time to noodle on an idea for submission? Get started in Stellar Quest, a gamified coding experience that will take you through the basic building blocks of Stellar all the way to building smart contracts on Soroban.

❓ | Have questions? Check out our FAQ section.

Have questions not addressed in our FAQ? Hop over to the #support channel on the SCF Discord. Unfamiliar with Discord? No problem, check out this beginner’s guide and learn how to navigate the SCF Discord.

*To determine the number of XLM equal to the USD value of any Award, the USD valuation of XLM shall be calculated using the CF Stellar Lumens-Dollar Settlement Price as administered, maintained, and reported by the cryptocurrency index provider CF Benchmarks Ltd. (using the ticker “XLMUSD_RR”) (available at https://www.cfbenchmarks.com/indices/XLMUSD_RR), or, if such settlement price is unavailable or reasonably suspected by SDF to be unreliable, the settlement price as reported on a substantially similar and equally reputable cryptocurrency index provider as determined by the SDF in its discretion. The USD valuation of XLM for any particular Award shall be calculated using the CF Stellar Lumens-Dollar Settlement Price (or other agreed upon settlement price) reported on the day such Award is scheduled to be paid. The Participants acknowledge and understand that XLM is a highly risky and volatile asset, and that SDF does not provide any representations, warranties, or guarantees of its value.

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