SCF Startup Camp

Updated 03/14/2023 The SCF Startup Camp, scheduled for April 22nd to April 26th, is a focused 4-day virtual workshop designed for startups interested in leveraging Stellar for their projects. This initiative aims to assist participants in refining their innovative ideas into a clearly defined Proof of Concept, ensuring relevance and value to the Stellar Community. Moreover, the camp provides essential guidance on crafting compelling applications for the Stellar Community Fund Awards program.


1) Submission

Take a close look at the Participant Eligibility Rules and Selection Criteria before applying to the SCF Startup Camp. To apply, fill out all the required fields on the Submission form.

2) Selection and review

After the application deadline of the SCF Startup Camp, your application will be reviewed by members of the Stellar Development Foundation and BiGGER in accordance with the Participant Eligibility Rules and Selection Criteria.

3) Participant preparation

Selected participants will be notified immediately following the selection and review phase. They will receive boot camp information, preparation guidelines, and calendar invites for the bootcamp and other relevant activities. In order to comply with US regulations, SDF asks that SCF Startup Camp participants complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) check. The KYC information that will be collected can be found in the forms linked below:

(Note: If applying as a team of individuals, each individual on the team should complete the form)Please refer to the SDF Privacy Policy for more information on how SDF uses and retains data.If a Startup Camp Participant does not pass the required eligibility and compliance checks by the specified deadlines, they are no longer eligible to participate in the SCF Startup Camp and may be disqualified from consideration in future SCF Startup Camps.

4) Bootcamp

Developed by BiGGER—a leading technology partner in the Stellar ecosystem—and the Stellar Development Foundation, the SCF Startup Camp adopts a version of a design sprint process developed by leaders at Google Ventures and seeks to shortcut the endless debate cycle of product development and compress months of discussion and development into a single week.The Startup Camp is a virtual, self-serve event. BiGGER will provide support through a dedicated Slack channel, where you will have access to experts in Business, UX/UI, and Software Engineering.


Minimum Viable Product Definition

Teams engage in problem validation and definition of their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of their Stellar project. By the conclusion of this day, teams will have completed the “Product” section of the SCF application.


UI/UX Design

Building upon their MVP definition, teams will move forward with prototyping their solution. This involves the design of user interfaces and experiences, aiming for intuitive and user-friendly product interactions.


Technical Architecture

The focus shifts to the creation of a technical architecture document. This document will detail a high-level architecture design that underpins the MVP, ensuring that the technical foundation is solid and scalable.


Wrap Up

Dedicated as a day for addressing any remaining tasks, teams will have the opportunity to remove any blockers and complete the SCF application. Additionally, it’s an optimal time for teams to concentrate on creating a pitch deck.

About BiGGER

BiGGER is a software development company with deep expertise in blockchain and Stellar. The company has a team of 90+ people, including developers, software architects, designers, and product owners. They have helped over 35 startups launch and scale across Australia, the US, and Europe. BiGGER possesses deep expertise in Stellar, having built its products on the Stellar platform, such as Planet Pay (, and has been featured in Stellar case studies:"

The Stellar Development Foundation starting in 2021 has hosted several boot camps (with partners including DFS Lab) to boost development in the Stellar ecosystem. Several participants went on to acquire further funding from the Stellar Development Foundation, and beyond.

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