Additional Project Information

So you’re almost finished with your submission form. You’ve filled out your product’s information and stats and reasoned your budget request. Now it’s time to add the Additional Project Information. Wait, what’s that? What more can I possibly say about my project?!

In the Additional Project Information field, you have the freedom to add your own copy. Keep it short and only add what makes a difference. Here’s some inspiration:

💸 | Revenue Model & Funding

Assure readers you are set up for scalable growth.

  • How will you make money?

  • How will you keep your project running?

  • How do you plan to set prices?

  • What is your financial plan?

  • Are you on the hunt for further funding?

If you’re building a tool or SDK, this may not make as much sense to you, but you could, as a next step, apply for the infrastructure grant.

🔎 | Market & Industry Research

Show readers that you’ve done the research.

  • In what industry will your project operate?

  • How significant is the need to solve this problem?

  • What's the market cap?

  • What are the threats and opportunities (government regulations, technology, economy, etc.)?

Tip: Use a SWOT Analysis to identify your project's weaknesses and potential threats, its strengths, and the potential opportunities you plan to exploit.

⚔️ | Competition

Convince readers your project is better than what’s out there.

  • Who are your competitors?

  • Why is your solution better?

👥 | Resources & Relationships

Surprise readers with your unique positioning.

  • Are you working with anchors or other Stellar-based projects?

  • What unique resources and relationships do you have that are going to make you succeed?

📮 | Marketing & Sales

Let readers in on your marketing plan.

  • How will you reach your users?

  • Through what channels (social media, Discord, etc.)?

  • How will you convert prospects into customers?

Not focused on marketing yet? We still recommend telling readers how you will get people to use your product.

If you’re building a tool or SDK, your users will likely be developers. Will you do outreach on Discord? Or target a particular programming language community? Start with thinking about the marketing channels you use daily.

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