Implementation Instructions

Authors: BlockScience and SDF, July 2023

A PoC implementation in Rust for Soroban by Alejo Mendoza, Karol Bisztyga and Mateusz Kowalski is located in the voting-poc GitHub repository. It implements the Neural Governance, Quorum Delegation and the Trust Graph Bonus governance modules and we'll use it as the basis for providing instructions.

A technical summary for learnings when implementing an MVP version of Neural Quorum Governance on SCF can be found on a post by Karol Bisztyga: SCF Voting Mechanism Implementation.

1) Decide on Quorum Delegation Parameters

pub const QUORUM_SIZE: u32 = 5;

pub const MIN_DELEGATEES: u32 = 5;
pub const MAX_DELEGATEES: u32 = 10;

2) Implement Base Module

An example for instructions to set this up can be found here.

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